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We are in search of an experienced Cyber Security Engineer to join our team and take on responsibilities.. Cybersecurity development environment certificationArchitect & Engineer security. Analyze queries execution plans for performance improvements how to become a security specialist Create and review SQL code from performance, scalability, and security perspectives Ensuring data integrity Recommend improvements in.. Coordinate systems development to include design, modeling, security, integration, and formal testing..

  • It can lead to financial stress, impacting overall job satisfaction and motivation.
  • Though there are many cybersecurity positions where a master’s degree is not required, it is increasingly common to see an advanced degree listed as “required” or “preferred” in listings for top jobs.
  • The highest-paid can earn upwards of 159,648 per year, while the lowest-paid income is less than 60,854 annually.
  • In comparison, experience is always good to have, even if you are just starting your cybersecurity career.
  • That’s $1,310 per month or $15,720 yearly for a two-bedroom apartment.

The salary range for the lowest 10% – 25% is between $60,854 and $78,630 annually. The highest Cyber Security Specialist salaries in the top 10% earn more than $159,648 per year. The salary range for the top 75% – 90% is between and $127,454 and $159,648 annually. Job Description BAE Systems provides comprehensive cybersecurity professional services such as threat..

Average Cybersecurity Salary

Hiring businesses are looking for a mix of education, certifications and hands-on industry experience. Cyber Security Specialist salaries vary depending on the company you work for, your experience level, industry, education, and years of experience. The average annual salary is around $111,631 but a Cyber Security Specialist can earn a base salary anywhere from $60,854 to $159,648 per year with some companies paying more than others. In many industries, your level of experience can have a big impact on how much you earn.

The money a Cyber Security Specialist can make each year greatly depends on a few components that determine an average base salary. As a member of the team, you will help build, troubleshoot, and operate a wide variety of applications and ensure system uptime, responsiveness, and security. Monitor and troubleshoot database systems, ensuring data integrity, security, and optimal performance..

How much does a cyber security specialist make?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is a trusted source of information about countless job categories and includes listings packed with data about the future job outlook for a wide variety of occupations. At the present time, one of the few cybersecurity positions it tracks is also one of the most common — information security analyst. Search “cyber security specialist $100,000” on LinkedIn and you find a cornucopia of high-paying jobs from across the country.

Even though the IT industry is the main focus of this article, the truth is that an employee can work in IT in a wide range of other industries. Computer security is important, no matter what type of work a company does. In 2016, the unemployment rate for cybersecurity fell to 0% and has remained at that level ever since. Cybercrime Magazine projected that there would be 3.5 million job openings in the cybersecurity field by 2025. We enable you to compare your salary and learn about the average rates of other people with similar occupations. Learn what a fair day’s pay is for you and find competitive salaries.

Cybersecurity Education Requirements

A tech job in Washington, DC, will not earn the same wage as the same type of job in San Francisco, CA. In fact, average tech salaries are the highest in the San Francisco area because of Silicon Valley, arguably the global center of technology. It makes sense that the highest cybersecurity salaries are paid in metropolitan areas with relatively high living costs. Check out the list below to see states where professionals can earn high average cybersecurity salaries, according to the BLS. ManTech is seeking a motivated, career and customer oriented Cyber Defensive Operation Specialist to..

how much does cyber security specialist make

If we only look at the data for Cyber Security Specialist salaries and we don’t compare it to any other jobs, a good salary for a Cyber Security Specialist job would be over $111,631 per year. This is the average salary for this position in the United States. An excellent pay for a Cyber Security Specialist would be anything over the top 75%, which is $127,454 annually. As you progress in your cybersecurity career, you may find opportunities to move into more advanced or specialized roles. Here are a few average US salaries of other cybersecurity roles, according to Glassdoor, as of October 2022.

The national average salary is $52,632 annually which is less than the average Cyber Security Specialist salary, meaning most earn a livable wage. According to data and labor statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average Cyber Security Specialist pay is above the median salary. At ManTech International Corporation, you’ll help protect our national security while working on.. This includes, but is not limited to, cybersecurity solutions (including network, operating system (OS.. If you’re interested in starting a career in cybersecurity, consider the Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate on Coursera. This program is designed ​​to help individuals with no previous experience find their first job in the field of cybersecurity, all at their own pace.

  • The lowest average cyber security specialist salary states are Vermont, Connecticut, and Missouri.
  • In theory, a great option would be to find a job in a relatively small company (less than 100 or, even better, less than 50 employees) that has considerable revenue.
  • One way is to get promoted to a higher level and take on more duties within your employer.
  • It is the world’s third-largest country by both land and total area.
  • Advanced roles are reserved for seasoned professionals with 10 to 15 years of full-time experience in cybersecurity.
  • This program is designed ​​to help individuals with no previous experience find their first job in the field of cybersecurity, all at their own pace.

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